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Tiny Home Eco Kauai


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Aloha, here on Kauai things are a bit more layed back. You will learn to love the Aloha spirit and embrace its warmth and the island style of taking things a little bit slower. At Tiny Home Eco-Kauai, we are committed to the spirit of Aloha ‘aina,

being that we are the oldest yet least inhabited of the 4 main isles.

We embrace the fact that things take a bit longer here and plan accordingly….Island Style.


A little about us….

I moved to Kauai in 2004. I left the East Coast behind for sunnier days, a closer drive to the beach and of coarse, a little less snow shoveling. I own KPS Remodeling, a small building and remodeling business here on Kauai. Like so many others, I have gotten caught up in the excitement and endless possibablities that going “Tiny” can offer…so on that note…Im proud to announce that its now my mission to help people just like you, be able to realize your dreams and own a tiny piece of paradise too! Tiny Home Eco-Kauai will now be offering Tiny Homes built right here on the Garden Isle, using only the power of the sun and my nearly 30 years of bulding experience to build them. Doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint while helping you reduce yours is our pledge to you. Join the movement and together we can change how we live and begin the process of healing our ‘Aina.


Here at Tiny Home Eco-Kauai, we are committed to using sustainable resources whenever possible. Our Tiny Homes are not made from re-claimed or up-cycled items. Instead, our vision is to provide you with a new Tiny Home that is completely self-sufficient and built using only quality materials. A Tiny Home can be made for less using re-claimed and up-cycled materials, but reality dictates that this would require many, many months if not years of waiting and searching for items, that have been discarded, but are still usable and that would fit into our vision of what we want in a Tiny House. Since we live on an island (2449 miles from California) we just dont have access to large “re-store” type companies or even open landfills to scower thru for discarded goods. So… due to the limits set before us here on Kauai, we have chosen to only build our Tiny Homes from brand new (sustainable and/or re-cycled when possible) materials, and support our local lumber mills by using locally grown and milled wood when feasable. At Tiny Homes Eco-Kauai, we are proud to say that our Tiny Homes will be built/assembled using only Photovoltaic energy ….Thats Right…we will be building your new Tiny Home with just the power of the sun. Pritty cool huh? The items that we do need to out source will be purchased from like minded eco friendly companies, here in the islands, whenever possible. We cant claim our Tiny Houses are 100% up-cycled or re-claimed, but we can definatly say we put 100% effort into keeping the use of nonreneawable resources and the like to a minimum.