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About the Old Hippie

Old Hippie Wood Working and Design founded by Rob Millar. Rob has an art degree in fine arts from Ringling School of Art and Design and worked on various job sites as a carpenter in British Columbia Canada.

Between his previous career as a graphic artist in the gaming industry, and the hustle and bustle of life in Las Vegas, Rob began to crave a more balanced existence. As a result, he began going to the desert where Rob found the quiet and serenity he yearned for. Rob also discovered a profound connection with the unique plants, animals and landscape in the desert. Creating environments out in nature, or inspired by nature, for others to enjoy, was the inspiration for Old Hippie and continues to be the most rewarding aspect of Rob’s work.

For Rob it is not only about building something, it is about creating an environment. A space created with the environment in mind, with a purpose of why this is being created. How do you want to feel in this space, what is the intention? If you dream it – Rob Millar of Old Hippie will create it.