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Mark has been in construction for 30 years. He has done it all, from building new houses from the foundation up, to remodeling, room additions, repairs, even mobile home “makeovers” is what we called them. He is now a project manager for a major construction firm in St. Charles County. He is a master at construction and is known to “overbuild” for safety and longevity. He goes above and beyond the local municipalities codes for construction.

Emily has been in real estate since she graduated high school 18 years ago. She is now a residential appraiser at a local government agency. She is Mark’s partner in crime when it comes to his “projects” which include the remodeling, room additions, and now our “Tiny Homes”. She is side by side with him, mostly handing any tool he asks for, much like a doctor’s assistant. “It is truly amazing at what this man can do by himself, one day he has the idea to build a tiny home, the next day the trailer is ordered and being custom built in Texas and two months later, our first tiny home is almost done.” Emily says.

“We will never put ourselves in a position again to LIVE TO WORK. Our Tiny House and our idea of simpler living will insure our simple life. We hope we can inspire others to live simpler as we have been inspired by other tiny home owners. We can help you achieve that goal by building you a tiny home. Every aspect of the construction that goes into a tiny house is truly built with love, we know first hand what this tiny home means to someone Simply said, it means FREEDOM. Financial freedom, geographical freedom, government freedom, mental freedom, and many more freedoms that haven’t been thought of yet.


Love your neighbors again, make more time for your families, start new relationships, get involved in community projects, take vacations and LOTS of them, because the tiny way of living FREE’s you to LIVE. Actually LIVE.