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Little Custom Homes


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Our company commitment is to build high-quality, sustainable, market rate affordable communities utilizing:

• Traditional Craftsmen
• Engineered Efficiency
• Commitment to Affordability


Our Team

Little Custom Homes utilizes the very best craftsmen, engineers, and tradesman. We believe in using local people to create jobs and build these wonderful communities. We build comfortable little houses that have the right amount of living space and quality finishes throughout. LCH has a nationwide team behind it, and partners with local financing institutions to assist our customers in the financing of these homes.


Our Story

Little Custom Homes was started in a small farming community just outside of Wilson, Arkansas. There is something very special and unique about growing up in a small farming community. After college and marriage to my longtime sweet heart, we decided to return to Wilson, Arkansas to farm and raise our family. Our love affair with the Wilson life style goes back generations. My Grandmother, Ruby would lovingly share stories about the local history, her church, and the importance of community and family. She was a wise woman and truly cherished her traditional southern home where she spent 80 years of her life.

We now reside in her historic antebellum home with our son, Will. It is our wish for Will that he experiences the same sweet childhood that communities like Wilson, Arkansas offer, and that one day he will pass on Grandmother Ruby’s colorful stories of days gone by.

This brings me to where we are today. Although farming is my first love, I discovered my passion for renovation and building while renovating our home. I wanted to share these passions in areas that would make a difference and help our growing community. We believed that we could offer more of the Wilson lifestyle to other families who expressed a desire to stay and raise their families in a small town. The only problem or rather opportunity was a shortage of available, affordable homes. Job opportunities were appearing as available homes were being gobbled up by the demand. It was time to make dreams come true.

Little Custom Homes began as a thoughtful conversation with family, co-workers, and friends. As the idea took a more concrete form, we began building our first prototype. (Our goal was to focus on using traditional craftsman style building methods versus using today’s modern manufacturing methods.) It was exciting to see designs that were conceived years ago come back to life. The challenge was to not only build aesthetically pleasing homes but to also create efficient and affordable homes. We wanted our clients to be able to customize their homes, which usually means a higher cost to the consumer. This is not true with our homes. Our homes combine modern engineering with traditional craftsmen skills to achieve a perfect blend of quality and affordability. We put the pen to paper, crunched numbers, and made sure that we offer a fair value.


So how do we do create a fair value?

If we could build the homes off site and then deliver them in tact to the desired locations, it would save time, material and labor cost, and allow us to streamline our home production. We would also be able to retain and engage the best craftsmen. Problem Solved!

Today we are living this dream! We are building homes that meet the lifestyles and needs of families that desire to simplify and just enjoy life. Little Custom Homes’ building process has proven to be very successful, and it is our ultimate goal to improve as we grow. For more information on our homes please contact us!