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Who We Are

At Custom Container Living our focus is on you and your satisfaction. That is why each of our container homes is custom built to fit your needs, with quality and affordability as our main goals. Whether you are wanting it as a cabin at the lake, a detached office, permanent housing, or simply for extra storage, we know you will be satisfied when choosing Custom Container Living for your specific need.

With a legacy in custom home building, we understand you have specific preferences. That is why we strive to offer as many options as possible in our 20′ and 40′ custom built container homes, including choice of siding, colors, flooring, cabinets, countertops, lofts, kitchen(ettes), bathrooms and more. Take a look at the Styles and Options page for more details. Then, browse our wide selection of floor plans to find one to fit your needs.

Located fifty miles south of Kansas City, Missouri, our single and double homes are able to be delivered to the lower 48 states. Sorry but we do not accept walk-ins or non-scheduled visits. All visits must be by appointment only. We do not have a show room like a car dealership would have. All the homes we build are already sold.

We can also build using multiple containers. If you have a multiple container project or non-residential container project contact us today and we’ll be glad to talk with you about your project.

Tiny Living
Hunting or Fishing Cabins
Weekend Getaways
Small Lake Lot or Campsite
Man Cave (or She Shed)
Detached Office
Storage Shed
Children’s Playhouse
Emergency/Temporary Housing

Floor Plans & Pricing

We know there are many uses for container housing, so we offer a variety of floor plans and options. Do keep in mind that although we have specific floor plans, every container home we build is custom. We start with one of the floor plans below and allow you to select the colors, stains, window placement, and many more options.

While our container homes are ‘custom’, this does not mean expensive. If you compare our prices to those of other Tiny Home Builders, you will notice a significant difference in pricing. Our goals are both quality and affordability, because we want to get you into your custom home as economically as possible.

Tiny Homes/Getaways
Just for Fun/Extra Living
Double Units
Dorm Room
Commercial Containers


Q Are they mobile? Can I transport them?

While shipping containers were made to be easily transported, they are not conducive to placing on a trailer and moving around each weekend as some of the “tiny homes” you see on TV. Those are made on trailers with normal wood construction.

A 20′ container weighs approximately 4,800 pounds and a 40′ container weighs over 8,000 pounds. Fully built out, a 20′ container could weigh easily over 10,000 pounds and a 40′ container could be well over 20,000 pounds.

These homes are made to be transported, set in place, and stay put. This does not mean that you could not easily move them to a new location should you have the need or should you sell it. This will just require a call to your local tow company. What it does mean, however, is that this is not something you would likely do yourself on your own trailer.

Q What sizes do you offer?

As we use standard shipping containers, we are able to offer 20 foot and 40 foot options. Both container lengths are 8 feet wide. The standard 20 foot and 40 foot containers are 8 1/2 feet tall. The 20 foot and 40 foot containers are also available as a ‘high cube’ and this container is 9 1/2′ tall (1 foot taller than the standard 40′ container).We are able to raise the ceilings in all of the containers to accommodate one or more lofts.The industry also makes 48′, and 53′ containers. These are primarily used for domestic purposes and are much more difficult to find. As such, while we can build using these containers, the cost will be significantly higher due to shipping costs.

Q What is the process for buying a home?

The best place to start is to get financing if you need it and that way you will know what you qualify for. If you don’t need financing then that’s a plus. Next is to find land that will allow the home that you want to put on there. Some cities/counties have zoning and code restrictions and requirements. An experienced Realtor should be able to find land that will accommodate your needs and the Custom Container Living floor plan that you want to put on it. Next step is to go to our website and pick the floor plan and pricing that fits you best. We can tweak the floor plan as you desire. After that we would put a contract in place for you to review. If everything is okay with the contact then you would send a 50% deposit. The balance of the payment would be due before delivery. After you get some of the above items squared away then we will be happy to help you get into a beautiful Custom Container Living home.

Q How long does it take to build one?

It takes between 4 to 10 weeks to build a custom container home, depending on the design and construction materials. Total time between order and delivery is dependent on the number of homes being constructed. We can give you a more exact timeframe when you order your home.