Hi there. My name is Marcos Pietri. I’m an Argentine web designer. I lived in New Zealand two years. Many thanks to all of the many kiwis who have made me feel welcome! 🙂

As far back as I can remember, I have loved getting out in the great outdoors – climbing trees’ & building “Chozas” as we say at home (huts).

For some time now, I have become very interested in eco-friendly building techniques and permaculture – completing an extensive course in adobe construction presented by Tabi. About 5 years ago now, I discovered the tiny house movement and fell in love with this amazing concept of living in small eco-friendly dwellings & now I am building my own tiny adobe house in the mountains of the place where I was born, Unquillo, Córdoba, Argentina.

Ok that’s who I am – & a wee bit on my passion – small eco-friendly dwellings – with that in mind, I have created this website to facilitate a safe, informative space for Tiny House owners – those wanting to own & those who are just plain interested in this way of living – to visit – bringing this seemingly fractured community closer together.

My concept is to create a one-stop resource for builders – designers – buyers – hotel owners– communities– anyone who seeks advice & indeed to engage in the tiny house world – finding the right people to work with.